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Look Around

There was a story of a man who had a son. The son wanted to make some money and so the father told him to take his old car and sell it. He took it to the dealer and the dealer said they would give him $1,000 for it. Not bad. The son returned home excited about the possibility of getting $1,000. The father then told him to take it to the junkyard.

After taking it to the junkyard he was told they would give him only $500 for the car. The son came home sad and reported it to his father. His father then told him, “Son, take it to the antique shop down the street”. To the son’s surprise he was told that the car was only a few of its kind and that the car was worth $100,000.

I heard this story and it just resonated so much with me, what about you? It’s interesting how the value of the car never changed, it was just how people perceived the car, and the information they knew about the car that changed.

Maybe you’ve been surrounded by people who have told you that you are valuable, maybe not. Either way I want to be with you on this journey. I want to be the antique shop and tell you what you are really worth. I want to be that guy. As you read this, my number one goal is to inspire you to really see your value in a way that you have not seen it before. And I don’t want to show you just your value, but I also want to help open your eyes to understand that when it comes to achieving greatness, you have everything that you need right now where you are.  

I want to help open your eyes not just to seeing that you are worth more than $100,000, but I want you to be able to, by the end of this book see $100,000 cars where others may see the $500. I want you to see value in your surroundings.

People think that achieving greatness is doing great things. But the truth that people don’t mention is that achieving greatness is actually about doing the little things over and over and over again. Greatness is about seeing value where others see junk.

The only thing I need from you to make this journey successful is I need you to be willing to do the work. If you can make that promise, then I will make the promise not to make the work too hard. It will be small, but you must be willing to do it over and over and over again. Remember greatness comes from the small things done repeatedly.

So, what’s the first thing? Just start by practicing awareness. Start paying attention to what is around you. Since greatest starts here, we have to learn to focus in, not on where you’ve been, which is a common temptation, but more specifically where you are. Look around. Let’s get started.

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