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Samson has been writing, teaching, and speaking for over 5 years and is currently the lead pastor of the First Adventist Church. He is currently working on his Masters in Organizational Leadership at Oral Roberts University. 

Working with several universities and high schools, Samson has a passion for young people and seeing them become the leaders they were created to be. Samson pulls you in with his storytelling, relatability and down-to-earth insights. He has a desire to contagiously inspire each person to see what God sees, their value! Through his personal experience he shares how anyone and everyone can succeed. Because they are not alone. 

Touching upon the topics of leadership, college success, dating and relationships, emotional health, pursuing passion, and wellness. He infuses you with courage to wrestle with bold topics and big questions. 

The one consistent theme throughout all of Samson’s conversations is value in Christ. Samson is the first to admit that he is on a journey himself and invites any willing person to walk alongside him in the pursuit of becoming who they were designed to be.

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