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Recent Interviews 

Samson sits down with Nancy Moore founder of the Sharing Purpose and Passion Podcast, and shares his story! Click to listen! 

Samson sits down with Akondi from the Stuck In The Middle podcast, and shares his story! Click to listen! 

Samson's mission is to contagiously inspire each person to see what
God sees.

Top Featured Topics 

  • College Success 

  • Leadership 

  • Student Engagement 

  • Creating Impact 

  • Spiritual Enrichment 

  • Building Mentor Relationships 

  • The Power of Curiosity 

  • Dating 

  • Emotional Health 

  • Pursuing Passion 

Recent Motivational Talk

Author Speaks 

Clip from Workshop

"Students are ready to go... and act!" 

Matthew Hill, Vice Principal 

What do you focus on? 

This is a clip inspiring students in their walk with God by asking the question what are you focusing on? Check it out and be blessed. 

Recent College Sermon 

Samson was invited to speak on the topic of praising God in the mundane. This is the video of the sermon, enjoy.  Skip to 27:50 for the message. 

Inspiring College Freshmen! 

Samson shares his first workshop on helping students navigate college through engaging people, engaging your campus and engaging your impact. 

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