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Dream BIG


            Now that we are not afraid of dreams, let’s dream big! Now I just want you to know that I am a dreamer, from the time that I was young, and so much more today. I remember growing up and being belittled because of how much of a dream I was. It’s almost as if people were intimidated by my dreams, or just thought I enjoyed living in the “impossible”. Some of that may be true. But in this chapter one of the main goals is to help you see the value of dreams.

            When my wife and I moved into our first home together, right after we got married, she would talk about how she did not like anything in the home. For me I loved every inch, it was like the house had personality. She would talk about how we needed to remodel, but there was just one problem, we didn’t have “remodel money”. After about 2 years of talking about this need to remodel, we ended up having a leak that when throughout our living room and kitchen. Guess what that means, it was time for the remodel that she always wanted.

            One problem came though. She had no clue what she wanted. And we were on a slight time crunch. She got the remodel, but she was not happy with it. The reason I am sharing this story with you is because people tend to forget how important dreaming is. My wife thought she had to wait till we had the money before she could dream up what her dream kitchen would look like. But dreaming does something for you, dreaming prepares you for when the opportunity comes.

            If you don’t dream, you won’t prepare, and if you don’t prepare you won’t be ready for the opportunity. Dreams give you a sense of direction for where you want to go. Les Brown a motivational speaker shares a story of a dream to be on the radio. He built some relationships with a radio station, and though they did not let him on air, he went home and practiced his communication skills again and again. Slowly but surely, he ended up getting an opportunity to hop on the air, and guess what, he was prepared. Why? Because he had been dreaming.

            Sometimes we feel as though once we get an opportunity then we have permission to dream because then it would be more possible. But what people don’t realize is, that opportunity works best for those who dream. If you don’t dream you could miss an opportunity, and if you don’t dream you could mess up an opportunity. What opportunities have you missed or messed up because you haven’t been dreaming?

            Now don’t get me wrong dreaming is only a part of the puzzle to greatness, but it is an important piece that I don’t want you to miss. When was the last time you dreamed about your future? About where you want to go? About what you want to do? What do you believe to be possible?

            One thing that helps in the dreaming process is to tell yourself if you have access to all the resources in the world, money, mentorship, and if your body is capable of doing anything. What would you do? And get a piece of paper and begin to write down some things that you would do. Have fun and enjoy the process, don’t stress yourself out too much if this is something that you are not used to doing.

            I’ve heard it said that imagination and dreaming are muscles that you have to work. When we were kids, we knew how to work those muscles well. Children can believe so much, but as we got older that dream and imagination muscle got pushed down through the disappointments, reality, and lack of resources.

            When I drive around with my wife and we pass construction sites, it doesn’t matter how big or small, I will make up something as to it being a project that our company is working on, why? Because I love to dream. Work to bring back that dream muscle. It will be the best thing you can do for your heart. It costs nothing to dream, but if you don’t dream it could cost you everything.

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