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Recent Interviews 

Samson sits down with Nancy Moore founder of the Sharing Purpose and Passion Podcast, and shares his story! Click to listen! 

Samson sits down with Akondi from the Stuck In The Middle podcast, and shares his story! Click to listen! 

Samson's mission is to contagiously inspire each person to see what
God sees.

Top Featured Topics 

  • College Success 

  • Leadership 

  • Spiritual Enrichment 

  • Building Mentor Relationships 

  • The Power of Curiosity 

  • Dating 

  • Emotional Health 

  • Pursuing Passion 

"Students are ready to go... and act!" 

Matthew Hill, Vice Principal 

Why Students Should Be Confident Going into College

Samson covers the two reasons why students should be confident and excited going into college. And how college can very well prepare them for the world ahead of them. 

How Students Can Achieve Any Dreams Given to Them

Samson speaks about the importance of seeing your value and the value of others and how that works to achieving any goal that is given to us. 

Inspiring College Freshmen! 

Samson shares his experience in high school versus his experience in college and how we are not defined by our high school experience but we can choose today what we do.  

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