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The Dream Center Experience

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Around November of 2021, I was invited to come to the Tulsa Dream Center in March of 2022. And throughout the month of March on Tuesdays I would speak to 5-8th graders about leadership, a topic that I love.

It's so funny how years ago God gave me a dream. And I tried to make that dream come true on my own and it was so hard. I got to a place where I even gave up. But when I came to learn to trust in His timing and trust where and when He was leading me, doors seem to open on their own. Who would have thought that the Tulsa Dream Center would be the place where the dream God gave me would begin to come true.

Having the chance to speak to these kids has been an awesome adventure. And in the midst of these kids, I see people who are talented. Kids that have value. The first talk had to do with seeing your value and as we went around the room to hear some of the talents that people knew they had I was astonished to hear what they had to say. People see their talent to be singing, drawing and so much more.

When we are young what is beautiful is we see our talent and we see our potential, but the problem comes when we get older and we get surrounded by people who don't believe in what they are doing and so they s

eek to discredit what you are doing. And you can't be upset with them, just because they don't see the dream that God has given you.

We did a fun exercise during one of the sessions about dreams and vision. We played a game of telephone, except on one end there was a picture and the person had to describe the picture to the next person, so on and so forth until they got to the end of the line and the person at the end had to draw the picture. It was a fun and engaging exercise, but the lessons that are in it are profound. Don't let anyone discourage you from what you believe you are called to do, Do not let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams and vision, because they cannot see what you see. You may share your dream and they may see that piece of paper that someone tried to draw and your vision is something more amazing than that. But you see it. And you see it for a reason. And what is cool is I saw myself doing exactly what I have been doing this month of march years before this and I am thankful that it is starting to come to pass.

Just as I was thinking, is this helping these kids and is this really having an impact and just as I was thinking that a girl who had her head down most of the time was drawing a picture and giving it to me. She expressed her appreciation and left. I see something. Even though it might not be evident right now. I know God is doing something and I cannot wait to see it through. God is going to use you in a mighty way, stay focused on the dream He has given you, stay focused on the vision He has given you. Whether that is the dream of your community, career, family, or even for yourself. God will see it through and showed you for a reason.

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