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A Dream In The Night

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Before I came to Tulsa, I had a dream. It was my senior year at Southwestern Adventist University. I knew that this was going to be the year for me to just enjoy whatever comes my way. As the year developed I got to experience fun times with friends whether it was through short trips, eating out or just good times in the dorm. Coming into the second semester I knew that I wanted things to be different.

I was having a conversation one day with a student on campus who was telling me what they thought about a relationship with Jesus. They literally told me that they believe that God wanted them to go to church and if they didn't God wouldn't be happy with them. Now if you are reading this, I am here to tell you that that cannot be further from the truth. God loves you and wants a relationship, not just that you go to church once a week.

After a couple of conversations like this on campus, I finally came to the point where I wanted to do something about it. But the question was what? People needed to see that they are believing myths when it comes to a relationship with Jesus. Being on campus, there isn't much that students can do especially being that this was the last few weeks of school before we let out for the summer. I just wish that a week of prayer or something could take place, but how? The Spiritual Life and Development Team was pretty much done for the school year and it was all coming to an end.

And I remember it like yesterday, something whispered to me, "Why not do it?" Doing a last-minute week of prayer? would students come? Would it be beneficial? How? I knew that I was going to need help, so I rallied up some friends to help out on the adventure and we set out to do a week of prayer entitled breaking the myths, during the second to last week of school.

This event was a huge blessing, when we were expecting 5 people to show up we ended up getting 30. And we even had 15 people sign up for Bible Studies after! And this was on a Christian Campus. I remember after the experience was over, the first time the dream came to my mind. Church planting on University Campuses. There are so many students on the campuses that I know are searching for meaning in the world. I know they are not buying what the world has to offer them. They hunger and thirst for something richer. And when college students catch fire, they really catch fire!

What if you could grow Christian communities through college campuses? before we did the week of prayer, I believed that if you can change a campus then you can change a town, a state, and even a country and the world. Especially the way the world is set up today. So why not when it comes to the gospel? Why not when it comes to the mission?

Before coming to Tulsa I had a dream. And since being here I am having an opportunity to watch this dream grow and to see things play out.

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